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The first BRC accredited rice factory in cambodia.

Cambodia Wins World's Best Rice 2018

Cambodia Wins World's Best Rice 2018

Cambodian premium fragrant rice, Malys Angkor, won the World’s Best Rice award – the fourth achievement it earned for Cambodia, after landing second in the last three years.

The award ceremony took place in Hanoi, Vietnam during the 10th TRT World Rice Conference 2018 held on October 10 to 12.

Since participating in the annual World Best Rice contest, Cambodia’s rice has been crowned four times with best awards – in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2018.

Cambodia’s premium fragrant rice came ahead of Vietnam, Thailand and Italy which are the top four finalists.

Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) released a statement on Friday saying the brand winning the award resulted from Cambodia’s strong effort to purify the seed, expand the rice and paddy quality, and bolster the standard of rice milling.

It added that Cambodia has a good paddy variety and the rice has the best taste. He said Cambodia’s environment is favorable for the agriculture sector, particularly for rice cultivation considering the fact that paddy is grown around the Tonle Sap Lake.

“The World Best Rice Award winning will boost the country’s image; add value to Cambodian rice, and the chance to promote the Malys Angkor brand, as well as other Cambodian rice to the international market.

“CRF has been cooperating with the relevant stakeholders to use the Cambodian Branding “Malys Angkor” to cover more and more Cambodian premium fragrant rice for supply to the local and international markets.”

Kann Kunthy, Amru Rice’s managing director, told Khmer Times there is no better time to win the World Best Rice Award again (4th time) given that EBA is hanging on a thread.

He said that it is good motivation for Cambodia to try even harder and smarter.

Mr Kunthy added that it shows Cambodia can be consistent in producing the best rice as its soil is of great quality.

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